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The Costa Rican Digital Exports Directory is a complimentary service of KitCom Keep in touch Communications. The aim is to facilitate contacts between Costa Rican export companies and business partners from abroad. This is why the directory is in English. It is important to mention that all companies have expressed an explicit interest in being listed. It is also important to know that the fact that a company is listed is not a guarantee for its business practices or the quality of its products or services.

The directory contains data on close to 900 Costa Rican Export companies and is continuously being updated and expanded. All companies listed can be contacted directly without any intermediaries, by e-Mail, telephone or fax.

The Digital Exports Directory includes the following sectors:

Note that some Costa Rican exporting companies are located in so called Export Free Zones, which are areas of customs and fiscal extra-territoriality. These companies do not pay taxes on capital, assets and profits. In many cases, they don't do their own marketing as they ship all their products directly to the mother company, and in that case it doesn't make sense for them to appear in the Directory. The free zone companies that do appear, however, have explicitly expressed an interest in being part of the list. If you would like to see all the freezone companies listed together, please click below.

Free Zone Companies

How to get a home page

For maximum exposure to potential clients and business partners, a home page on the Internet can be very effective and cheap. At KitCom we design and maintain home pages as well as virtual domains on the Internet. A typical page with the company logo, some graphics and text information may cost you US$30 per month or US$300 per year. The page will be fully linked up inside the Bruncas and registered with the 20 major search engines such as Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Infoseek, Lycos, Excite and Webcrawler. A 20MB domain with a six page presentation costs approximately US$60 per month, plus US$250 to set it up. You can maintain the domain yourself or we can do it for you. Please click here for more info.

We invite you to check out some examples of home pages, such as the lovely hotel called Villa Escazu and the Eduardo Campos lawyers office. Some virtual domains created and maintained by KitCom include Cloud Forest School , Canciones del Mar and Costa Rica Tours

How to get a link to your home page elsewhere

If you have a home page posted on the Internet, we can install a link from the Digital Exports Directory for $20 per year. If you put in a link back to the Directory, the link is free. Just send us an e-Mail at KitCom and we arrange it for you.

How to help us improve the Digital Exports Directory

If you have suggestions for improving the Costa Rican Digital Exports Directory, please send us an e-Mail at KitCom.

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